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Senator Chronometer (议员天文台表) 腕表是格拉苏蒂原创第一款通过官方认证的天文台表。“Chronometer”(天文台表) 一词专指尤为精准的时钟或腕表,例如过去用于空中和海上导航的时钟或腕表。

在德国,腕表认证是由图林根州 (Thuringia) 和萨克森州的重量和测量办公室负责管理的,两地该类机构的名称分别为 LMET 和 SLME。德国天文台表必须通过一系列严格的性能和精度测试;此外,按照苛刻的德国标准,每一只要参加天文台表认证的钟表都要设置到秒钟,并且在自己的表盒中进行测试。

A novel stop-seconds/reset mechanism allows the wearer to set the precise time with ease. Pulling the crown stops the time display and causes the second hand to jump to the beginning position, where it remains; the minute hand moves simultaneously to the next full minute.

When the crown is then turned to set the time, the minute hand stops only on the indication of the full minute, thus always guaranteeing the correct relationship between the minutes and seconds displayed.

The layout of the dial recalls that of a pocket chronometer, with subsidiary seconds and power reserve displays along the central axis and the characteristic Glashütte Original panorama date positioned at 3 o’clock.

The silver dial provides a rich contrast for the polished, blued sweep minute and pear-shaped hour hands and hand polished arbor. A milled railroad chapter ring encircles the central time display, and the milled Roman numerals add to the classic appearance of this impressive timepiece.

A new day/night indicator facilitates setting the time when changing the date: From 6:00 am until 6:00 pm the small circle located between the power reserve indicator and the center of the dial is white, and from 6:00 pm until 6:00 am it is black.

In recognition of the movement and the Senator Chronometer’s clear and elegant aesthetics, in 2010 the readers of Armbanduhren, a leading German watch magazine, voted the Senator Chronometer “Watch of the Year”.

防反光蓝宝石水晶玻璃表镜保护手动上链机芯 58-01,这是格拉苏蒂原创制表艺术的一大亮点和典范,带有 3/4 夹板,螺钉固定式黄金套筒和手工镌刻平衡摆轮夹板。


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