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Before the service – Arrival of the watch, diagnostics and cost offer

Your Glashütte Original arrives at our Manufactory and is assigned a service number, after which you receive a confirmation of receipt.

In a subsequent series of steps your watch is analysed very carefully in an initial diagnostic assessment. All functions and rate values are checked and in addition we document the optical condition of the watch with photographs.

Upon request you will receive our detailed written offer in the post or by email. Should you confirm your acceptance of our offer, the watch is handed over to our watchmakers.

The service of a Glashütte Original

In a series of different steps your watch is disassembled into its component parts. One begins with the disassembly of the case and bracelet. Both are taken apart and refurbished – goldsmiths repair any damage to the case and bracelet and, where necessary, set a diamond anew; new seals are fitted and the case and bracelet reassembled.

During this time a watchmaker takes the movement in hand. Piece by piece, the movement is taken apart, starting with the dial and hands. The movement is separated into its component parts, all of which are cleaned with great care and lubricated once again following assembly. It goes without saying that the watchmaker replaces all worn-out parts.

The movement is then assembled, lubricated and regulated in accordance with the watch’s average daily rate. Following assembly we test of all of the watch functions very carefully. If the movement passes all the relevant tests, we mount the dial and the hands.

Upon completion of these maintenance operations we test the energy performance, power reserve, water resistance and rate values over a period of several days. In a final check we take great care to test all the functions and the aesthetics once more.

We return the watch as soon as we are satisfied that it meets the strict standards of Glashütte Original in every respect.

Our recommended service prices for the complete maintenance

Please choose your model:

Please note that the prices listed are our recommended service prices, which include 19 % German VAT. 

All recommended prices are valid for service and repairs carried out in the Glashütte Original Service Centre in Glashütte, Germany. All prices are subject to errors and alterations. With respect to authorised service points they are recommendations only.

For shipments to Glashütte, Germany, please contact our employees directly at the Service Centre (Tel. +49 35053 46-16500).

Our full service includes the following operations:


  1. Dismantling of the complete movement
  2. Visual test of individual parts in connection with damages, wear and tear
  3. Cleaning and lubrication of all parts
  4. Replacement of hands and worn parts
  5. Assembling and check of the function of the movement
  6. Adjustment of the daily mean rate of the watch
  7. Test of all parameters with reference to Glashütte Original standards

Case and Metal Bracelet

  1. Cleaning and refurbishment of case and metal bracelet
  2. Replacement of crown, tube, pushers and correctors, if necessary 
    (parts included except precious metal parts which are invoiced separately)
  3. Renewal and test of water resistance

Test of

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Function
  3. Winding power and power reserve
  4. Rate
  5. Water resistance

International Guarantee

In accordance with the terms of the guarantee your Glashütte Original watch is issued with a guarantee of 24 months from the date of purchase. The Glashütte Original international guarantee covers material and manufacturing defects which exist when the purchased Glashütte Original watch is delivered. The guarantee is only valid if the guarantee certificate has been completely and correctly filled out and stamped by an official Glashütte Original dealer.

During the guarantee period and upon presentation of the valid guarantee certificate you have the right to have every defect repaired at no charge. Should the company Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH judge the repairs to be insufficient to restore your Glashütte Original watch to normal usage, Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH guarantees to replace it by a Glashütte Original watch with identical or similar features. The guarantee for the replacement watch ends 24 months after the purchase date of the watch that it replaces.

Our warranty of full service

We guarantee impeccable performance of all services for a period of 24 months. If a defect occurs that is recognized by our service as such, we will, at our discretion, repair it at no charge. Any other rights in connection with deficient performance cannot be claimed. This warranty excludes wear and tear as well as damages resulting from third-party handling or from lack of appropriate care.


We will be pleased to answer your questions, whether they concern the necessary servicing of a watch at regular intervals, constructive suggestions for improvement or costs incurred. If you would like to contact us in writing, please use our contact form or provide the following information:

  • Name and complete street address
  • Email address (if you have one)
  • Telephone number (we will be pleased to call you back)
  • Information regarding your watch:
    • 6-digit Identification number (if present you will find it on the underside of the horn at 2 o'clock)
    • Reference number and case number of the watch, date of purchase
    • regarding historic models dating from prior to 1994 we will be pleased to review any additional descriptions and photographs you may have.


Customer Service office in Glashütte

You can reach our Customer Service office in Glashütte by telephone Monday to Thursday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm and Fridays from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Phone: +49 35053 46-16500
Fax: +49 35053 46-16501

Glashütte Original Boutique

Our Team at the Glashütte Original Boutique will be pleased to welcome you for a personal consultation. The Boutique is located in the Frauenkirche quarter in Dresden.

Phone: +49 351 82125970

Glashütte Original Boutique
Töpferstraße 4 || 01067 Dresden 

Delivery of your watch to Customer Service

Once you have selected a service, we recommend that you follow the steps outlined below to assure secure delivery of your Glashütte Original:

1 – Personal handover in Dresden

Do you live in or near Dresden or plan a trip to the capital of Saxony? You are welcome to bring your Glashütte Original to our boutique for servicing. Our local team will be pleased to advise you: 

Glashütte Original Boutique || Frauenkirche Quarter Töpferstraße 4 || 01067 Dresden
Telephone: +49 351 82125970 || Email:

2 – Pick-up service at your home or workplace

Please send us the necessary contact information via eMail or our contact form, including your telephone number, and tell us which day of the week we can reach you. As soon as we have received this information we will contact you to organise the pick-up. 

Delivery of your watch to Customer Service

3 – Delivery to a certified partner

You can also hand over your watch to a Swatch Group Service Centre, dealer or authorised service partner. Please find your nearest service partner through our web search. Our partner will be pleased to organise all the necessary steps for you.

4 – Direct courier to Glashütte

If it is possible for you to send us your watch directly, here is the address: Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH || Altenberger Str. 1 || 01768 Glashütte

Please use a courier service and be sure to purchase adequate insurance for your watch before sending it to us. We also recommend that you pack your timepiece with plenty of protective padding material. Once our Customer Service has taken delivery of your Glashütte Original you will receive a confirmation of receipt. An offer in writing will be sent to you by mail following our initial diagnostic assessment.

Additional information for customers outside the European Union:
Please include a pro-forma invoice with your shipment (Sender, Address, Watch reference number, case number, statistical value. In addition we must ask that you provide an accompanying export document and that you send us your watch without its alligator leather strap (due to strict regulations regarding endangered species).

Service team & Restoration workshop

Our competent service team aims to assure the highest degree of customer satisfaction. The service of all Glashütte Original watches - starting with the watch with two hands up to the Flying Tourbillon - is performed by experienced staff in our modern workshops. For more than 170 years we have kept the Glashütte traditions alive and it goes without saying that the customer service team is proud to be a part of this effort. Our dedicated restoration workshop takes great pride in maintaining and also restoring mechanical wristwatches, pocket watches and even pendulum clocks from the beginning of watchmaking in Glashütte in 1845.

Given our experience and long tradition, we also maintain the functional and subjective value of these timepieces. Please note that the possibilities for maintenance and restoration always depend on the condition of the watch and the technical characteristics of the movement. We will be pleased to provide an individual offer for your historical piece, too.


Before the service 

The service of a Glashütte Original

Our recommended retail prices for the complete maintenance

International Guarantee & Our warranty of complete mainentance


Delivery of your watch to our customer service

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