Manufactory - Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original, Hauptgebäude der Manufaktur in Glashütte

Everything under one roof

The heart of Glashütte Original beats inside the manufactory building: Here, under one roof, thousands of precision components are elaborately produced and assembled with care.

In the heart of the town of Glashütte lies a bright and modern manufactory: Glashütte Original. Thanks to our exceptional production depth, we are able to design and produce our timepieces almost entirely in-house.

With over 10,000 square meters of floor space, the modern, generously proportioned manufactory building is a production site and a world of experience at once. The clear structures and transparent materials of the functional architecture reflect the high standards implicit in the “Made in Germany” quality seal. On four floors, corridors link the various ateliers, workshops and departments responsible for production and final assembly.

Glashütte Original upholds a tradition in which handcrafted perfection and select materials are combined with innovative production technologies. As an independent developer and maker of our own movements, we have good reason to call ourselves a “manufactory”. It is an ambitious claim: In the process of making watches here, we still perform a great many critical steps by hand – “per manum”.

The Origins of Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original’s roots stretch all the way back to 1845. More than 175 years ago, the first watchmakers came to Glashütte in Saxony to manufacture watch parts and watches in the small town. The Glashütte watch soon became a byword for high quality worldwide. Glashütte Original is descended from this tradition of precise, elegant craftsmanship, and continues to write the uninterrupted story of the art of German watchmaking to this day.

Traditional features

The brilliant horological achievements of the manufactory reveal themselves in the characteristic design elements of a Glashütte Original.
The fine decoration of the movement components, lavishly finished by hand, is a natural obligation to our high quality standards – in the tradition of the old masters.

Rigorous testing

For each of its watches Glashütte Original promises the highest quality and timelessly beautiful design. To this end, the Senator Excellence line and all models fitted with the Calibre 36 manufactory movement undergo a comprehensive 24-day text that is even more rigorous than the German chronometer test. The SeaQ Panorama Date diver’s watch then undergoes additional testing for water resistance.