Internationalisation - Glashütte Original



In 2000, Glashütte Original became part of the Swatch Group. This watch group – the largest in the world – allowed the brand to begin a process of internationalisation. Nowadays, Glashütte Original watchmaking masterpieces can be found in more than 40 countries across the globe.

Today, Glashütte Original is synonymous with the pinnacle of the German art of watchmaking. The manufactory combines the tradition of working by hand with innovative technologies. The brand is proud to possess not only a rich legacy, but also an extraordinary wealth of watchmaking expertise; as much as 95% of all their watch parts are manufactured in-house, including their filigree dials. Over the years, Glashütte Original has nurtured a culture based on excellence, the results of which are clear to see in the timeless elegance and sophisticated technology of the company’s timepieces.