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    Useful information on care, inspection, warranties, mechanics and materials in our watches.

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Do you want to learn more about the maintenance or function of your Glashütte Original watch? Below you will find answers to some of the most important and interesting questions relating to our timepieces. If you can't find what you're looking for, you are welcome to get in touch with our service team any time using our contact form.

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  • How can I ensure my Glashütte Original always works optimally?

    Our watches are not only exquisite masterpieces; they are also robust and designed to be part of everyday life. Nevertheless, their complex mechanisms do occasionally need a bit of attention in order to preserve their precision and beauty.

    Correct care practices include regular, professional inspections and assessment of watertightness. Your wearing habits also affect the accuracy of your watch. Temperature fluctuations, magnetic fields, moisture or contact with cosmetics may have a negative impact on their performance, and should be avoided.

  • How often is it recommended to get a watch inspected?

    Like any complex mechanism, your Glashütte Original should also be regularly inspected. We recommend doing so every 3 to 5 years - depending on individual factors such as climatic conditions and care practices. Regular inspections will greatly help preserve the precision, value and beauty of your Glashütte Original.

  • How do magnetic fields affect my mechanical watch's rate precision?

    Magnetism is omnipresent in modern-day life. It lies hidden in everyday objects like speakers, handbag clasps, electric doors, computers and mobile telephones. Contact with electromagnetic fields can negatively affect a mechanical watch's accuracy: Some parts of the mechanism may get magnetically charged and have their processes disrupted. Only a watchmaker can remedy this through demagnetisation - permanent contact with magnetic fields must therefore be avoided.

  • Who can inspect my Glashütte Original?

    The answer is simple: Only the best. That's why we have put together a list of our officially certified service centres and partners for you, which will ensure your Glashütte Original is always in safe hands.

  • A watchmaker I trust wants to repair my Glashütte Original. Can he order the spare parts from you?

    We place great emphasis on providing top-class service. That's why we only supply our officially certified and authorised partners and service centres with Glashütte Original spare parts.

  • How much is an inspection?

    Inspection costs depend on various factors - such as the condition and age of the watch, and the type and scope of the services requested. We have put together a list of our non-binding recommended prices for inspections to give you a rough idea.

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