Quality standards at Glashütte Original - Glashütte Original


Quality standards

For each of its watches Glashütte Original promises the highest quality and timelessly beautiful design. To this end, the Senator Excellence line and all models fitted with the Calibre 36 manufactory movement undergo a comprehensive 24-day test that is even more rigorous than the German chronometer test. The SeaQ Panorama Date diver’s watch then undergoes additional testing for water resistance.

Under the sign of excellence

Glashütte Original promises the highest-quality precision and stability with respect to rate performance (accuracy) and workmanship, running time and timelessly beautiful design. In the course of the 24-day excellence test, every Calibre-36 watch undergoes an extended test procedure that is even more comprehensive than the German Chronometer test.

DIN and ISO certified diving watches

The central requirement in developing the SeaQ and the SeaQ Panorama Date has been maximum reliability. As a consequence, the DIN and ISO certified diver’s watches meet the most rigorous German and international standards of quality, with a particular focus on water resistance.

With the SeaQ Panorama Date, the Glashütte watchmakers have successfully adapted the Calibre 36 to meet the considerable challenges of timekeeping underwater.The promise of quality integral to the calibre is also kept by the SeaQ Panorama Date. This means not only that the watch meets the stringent DIN and ISO standards for diver’s watches, but that it must also undergo the same demanding 24-day excellence test.