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Manufactory experience in Dresden

On October 24, 2012, the German maker of luxury watches Glashütte Original opened its first boutique in Germany.

Following an extensive search for the optimal location, the company chose the QF Passage in the heart of Dresden.

The new 100 m² boutique, the first in Germany to implement the renowned brand's current boutique concept, welcomes visitors in a unique way, inviting them to discover the art of watchmaking from Glashütte through a multimedia approach.

The atmosphere of the new shop in the Töpferstraße 4 is purposefully transparent and welcoming.

Glass walls on two sides offer visitors a clear view of the interior, and shoppers may also enter from both sides of the boutique.

The signature look of the new salesroom presents the German Manufactory's values: technical perfection, modern design and timeless elegance.

Carefully chosen materials, an assured and stylish interior and the clearly contemporary concept render the Saxon watch brand's essential features both visible and tangible.

The design of the boutique is clearly minimalist and its combination of dark moor oak, beige enamel surfaces and light-coloured leather creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The interior's soft, flowing forms enclose the space within a perfect frame.

The new space in Dresden resembles an interactive exhibition of the art of German watchmaking more than it does a traditional boutique. Given its proximity to company headquarters in Glashütte, the concept placed particular emphasis on the presentation surfaces.

The "handmade in Germany" quality so evident in the Manufactory had to be equally apparent to boutique visitors in Dresden. This led to the construction, exclusively for the Töpferstraße venue in Dresden, of a special "Manufactory Wall".

A large magnifying glass gives visitors an opportunity to admire, in the form of fascinating watches – from the smallest of watch components to simple sub-assemblies – the Saxon watchmaker's milestones.

Short films highlighting aspects of the production process enhance the visitor's insights into the microcosm of a watch.

In a luxuriously appointed lounge area the interior designer has installed an innovative presentation system in the form of two complementary plasma screens. The interactive system is controlled by a touchpad built into a table in the lounge.

The visitor can select a variety of topics, including high-resolution images from the Glashütte Original collection as well as videos showing the company and the production of its high-end "Handmade in Germany" timepieces.

All questions from boutique visitors are handled by a competent and multilingual team.

To ensure that customers are offered optimal service, team members attended a training course lasting several weeks at the Manufactory in Glashütte.

A watchmaker joined them at the boutique, further enhancing service by handling matters involving warrantees, maintenance and repair.


Glashütte Original Boutique Dresden

Töpferstraße 4
01067 Dresden

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Contact person: Mr. Merdal Güler (Boutique Manager)

Telefone: +49 351 82 12 59 70
Fax: +49 351 82 12 59 71


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