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International Presence

No matter how far away from the manufactory in Glashütte the individual boutiques may be, each one illustrates, in an unmistakable way, the German watchmaker’s values: technical perfection, modern design and timeless elegance.

These essential attributes are made visually clear and perfectly comprehensible to each visitor by means of carefully selected materials, stylish interior design and an overall contemporary look.

The design of the boutiques is characterized by a minimalist style and creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere through the use of a successful mix of moor oak, beige surfaces and leather in a light colour.

In the VIP lounge areas the visitor experiences state of the art technology: in each of the five boutiques an innovative presentation system has been installed, and in this interactive brand experience the visitor can explore a wide range of themes via high-definition images from the Glashütte Original collection, videos showing the manufactory and the production of finely worked timepieces, and additional indepth information.

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