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Art & Technik

The association between Germany and excellence in technology and manufacturing is recognised worldwide.

Perhaps it is because the country has been responsible for some of the most life-changing inventions in the past 150 years: from the airbag to the MP3 audio format, from the computer to the diesel engine, from the X-ray machine to the periodic table of elements.

When we talk about “Art and Technik” in Glashütte, we are using shorthand to explain why our watchmakers and construction specialists spend every day trying to work out different and better ways to improve and perfect a craft that has existed for hundreds of years. 

The watches we present in this category are extraordinary illustrations of the watchmaker's art, their complications masterpieces of technical ingenuity.

Each one is an expression of this quest for mechanical perfection and complication, our desire to test the limits of mechanical watches – what can and cannot be done – and ultimately to bring a sense of wonder to the discerning few who choose to wear a Glashütte Original watch.

The movements at the heart of the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon or the Senator Diary, to mention only two, are wonders of micro-engineering that reveal the essence of the craftsmanship at Glashütte Original.

It is impossible to explain this effectively. You have to “feel it” for yourself.

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