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Ladies Collection

Inner beauty and outer beauty. Glashütte Original often begins to create its timepieces with the heart, the movement. This is the approach handed down through  – yes, we can say it – centuries.

Watchmakers and construction experts often fall in love first with the complication and the technical challenge that executing a specific task with a timepiece represents.

Every Glashütte Original is therefore a creation of substance, something that so often transcends the look, the material, the precious stones. Then again, who is to say that the two cannot be combined successfully?

Who is to say that a perfectly executed movement cannot be married with wonderfully designed and crafted exteriors, whose subtlety and elegance are specifically balanced to charm the senses of ladies around the world?

Our watches must be discovered layer by layer, from the design of the case and dial to the feel of the bracelet materials, to the intricacies of the decorations and precious elements that embellish the watch, all the way to the movement and its magical parts, working in harmony to set the pulse racing.

Women of style and substance, women who demand authenticity, women who do not take shortcuts and know their true worth, these are the women we have in mind when creating our collections, hoping they will fall in love with our watches.

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