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The first watches made in Glashütte date to the year 1845. Today our watches represent the “quintessence” of the craft of watchmaking in Glashütte: classical yet original movements beautifully realized with keen attention to detail and to the strictest quality standards and specifications.

A profound respect for traditional elements characterizes these exemplary works from Glashütte Original. They pay tribute to our heritage in terms of timeless elegance, construction and mechanics. Masterpieces in this pillar include the Senator Chronometer, the PanoInverse XL and the Senator Automatic. 

Quintessentials honor traditional approaches to design. The clean lines, balance and purity of the elements reflect a classic, minimalist restraint. Here, too, are exemplary features of the high art of watchmaking in Glashütte, from the three-quarter plate to the swan-neck fine adjustment, screw-mounted gold chatons and the traditional Glashütte striped finish.

Quintessentials represent the spirit of Glashütte Original’s rich heritage and philosophy. In the category you will find elegant timepieces that raise the watchmaker’s craft to the level of fine art – works of exquisite harmony that speak to the heart and the mind of the connoisseur.

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