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The Restoration Workshop

Visitors to the German Watch Museum Glashütte pass a well-lit room with high glass windows, where they can see highly qualified master watchmakers engaged in a very special sort of work.

These specialists have a job that is as interesting as it is demanding, as they repair and restore a wide range of historic timepieces – old clocks and watches manufactured in the town of Glashütte since the middle of the 19th century.

As one of the founders of the German Museum of Watchmaking Glashütte, Glashütte Original has established a separate department within its Customer Service that is dedicated to preserving the heritage of a town rich in tradition, and to maintaining and bringing precious timepieces to life once again.

This benefits both the watch museum and private owners of such fine mechanical works.

For example, in the astronomical observatory in Qingdao, China, a real rarity was discovered: a precision pendulum clock made by the historic Glashütte firm, "Strasser & Rohde". Since the year 1956, the clock had continuously provided an astrograph with a second signal. After more than 50 years, it was in dire need of professional servicing and restoration.

All in all it took around 10 months to restore the Qingdao gem to its former beauty; all of the components and individual parts including the movement, the hands, the dial and the pendulum were thoroughly reconditioned, freed from rust and cleaned, re-polished, gilded and varnished. The wooden case was lovingly repaired where possible, and the remaining areas were replaced.

Following this intensive and thorough restoration in Glashütte Original’s restoration workshop, the pendulum clock was put on display at “Bund 18” in Shanghai, which attracts large numbers of visitors. It was subsequently returned to the observatory in Qingdao.

The range of services offered by the restoration workshop comprises repair by hand and maintenance of historic Glashütte timepieces; the Manufactory’s own toolmaking shop and skills including the ability to craft individual components serve as valuable resources.

The individual crafting of replacement parts allows the restoration workshop employees to service and restore to good working order everything from historic pocket watches to precision pendulum clocks, chronometers and wristwatches made in the past.


On request we will be pleased to provide, once we have had an initial look at the timepiece in question, a cost estimate for its repair and servicing. Should you wish to proceed and confirm the order, the charge for this initial assessment will be offset, of course, against the total cost for the service.

For further information regarding our range of services and the respective charges, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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