Proud to be the Original - Glashütte Original


Proud to be the Original

A tribute to the unique connection between watch and owner

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Glashuette_Original-PTBTO-PanoMaticLunar-Blue-3 Glashuette_Original-PTBTO-PanoMaticLunar-Blue-1

Four watches, four faces

The two lives of a Glashütte Original timepiece


With the first heartbeat of a Glashütte Original watch in the hands of its owner, two stories merge into a unique journey. Every timepiece that leaves our Glashütte manufactory combines the experience of more than 175 years of watchmaking tradition. But it is the wearer who makes it truly unique.


Follow the path of four characters differing from each other in many ways, yet sharing one thing in common: they are all “the Original”.


Life holds a wealth of milestones – significant events that make us who we are. The PanoMaticCalendar is an ode to the big and the small highlights, the extraordinary and everyday encounters.

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SeaQ Panorama Date

Every day is full of unique opportunities and unforeseeable chances. Robust enough to withstand the rough outdoors and with a noble bicolour look that makes it shine even in fine company, the SeaQ Panorama Date is ready for any adventure.

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We ourselves determine the balance with which we face our daily challenges. The SeaQ with its gem-set bezel is an expression of perfect harmony bringing together precision, sportiness and a touch of glamour.

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The PanoMaticLunar reflects the philosophy of following one’s own goals, dreams and ideals instead of conforming to preconceived patterns. Because it is the strength of our own nature that enables us to grow beyond ourselves every day.

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We understand what it takes
to be the Original.
Just like you,
we’re Proud to be the Original.