DIN and ISO certified

  • SeaQ and SeaQ Panorama Date

    DIN and ISO certified


For Glashütte Original’s watchmakers and design engineers the central requirement in developing the SeaQ and SeaQ Panorama Date has been maximum reliability. As a consequence, the DIN and ISO certified diver’s watches meet the most rigorous German and international standards of quality, with a particular focus on water resistance. Learn more about this special test procedure here.


    Test for moisture in the watch

    As a first step, the SeaQ is heated to 40-45°C for 30 minutes and then covered with a cold wet piece of felt. When no condensation appears on the inside of the glass, the watch is in conformance with the relevant standard and enters the testing phase.


    Testing of resistance at underpressure and overpressure

    The SeaQ is exposed first to an underpressure of -0.2 bar. The watch is then tested at an overpressure of 125%. For 20 bar watches this corresponds to a value of 25 bar, and for 30 bar watches to 37.5 bar.


    Water resistance test

    The watch is first exposed to an overpressure of 125%. For 20 bar watches this corresponds to a value of 25 bar, and for 30 bar watches to 37.5 bar. This overpressure is maintained for a certain period of time. It is then lowered in a second phase to a slight overpressure of 0.3 bar.


    Exterior drying of the SeaQ

    Following the water resistance test in a water bath, the SeaQ is rotated under a curtain of air in order to dry the exterior.


    Test for moisture in the watch after testing

    As a final step, the SeaQ is again heated to 40-45°C for 30 minutes. Once again a wet piece of felt is placed over the upper surface of the glass. If no condensation appears on the inner surface of the glass, the watch has successfully completed the testing phase.


Glashütte Original has launched a fifth collection: the Spezialist, aimed at the fearless, adventurous man with a hands-on mentality. The collection begins with the new SeaQ diver’s watch, which unites history and the present in a superb fashion.  

The Spezialist Collection

All SeaQ versions – both the limited and the unlimited editions – are closely modelled on their historic predecessor from 1969. Equipped with all the key details an innovative diver’s watch must have, it is a perfect companion for all points high and low.  


Discover our current SeaQ Panorama Date models with blue or black dials here. With a synthetic, rubber or innovative metal bracelet, both versions are absolutely stunning on the wrist.

SeaQ Panorama Date

With the SeaQ Panorama Date, Glashütte Original’s watchmakers succeed in preparing the award-winning Calibre 36 to meet the demanding conditions for use under water. In this respect, the promise of quality associated with the movement has absolute priority. As a consequence, not only does this watch meet the strict DIN and ISO standards for diver’s watches, it is also required to pass a rigorous 24-day test.

  • Position test

    Simulation of day-to-day use

    In the course of 24 hours, a lab test device moves the watches into a variety of positions in order to simulate day-to-day use.

  • Rate test

    Testing of the daily rate in six positions

    Mechanical watches are normally tested in five positions. With the Calibre 36 movement, Glashütte Original adds a sixth position – the “Numeral 12 up” position.

  • Temperature dependence

    Performance of the watches in the event of temperature fluctuations

    The accuracy of mechanical watches can be affected by marked changes in temperature. As a result, the performance of the watches is monitored in the course of a temperature test lasting three days.

  • Are you the proud owner of a SeaQ Panorama Date or one of the Senator Excellence models? Register here to access the excellent test results for your watch.

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  • The Senator Excellence models give proof of their quality in the course of a rigorous 24-day test. Learn more about the excellence test here.


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