In-house certification

  • In-house certification

    24 days on the test bench


Glashütte Original promises the highest-quality precision and stability with respect to rate performance (accuracy) and workmanship, running time and timelessly beautiful design. In the course of the 24-day excellence test, every Calibre-36 watch undergoes an extended test procedure that is even more comprehensive than the German Chronometer test.

  • Position test

    Simulation of everyday use

    After the exact time is set, the Calibre 36 models are moved with a rotating test device into different positions over the course of 24 hours. This makes it possible to simulate the day-to-day conditions of a watch worn on the wrist.

  • Rate test

    12-day monitoring of the rate (accuracy) in six positions

    The rate performance test begins on the second day of the extended tested period and runs for 12 days. The daily rate is tested in six different positions – for example “dial side up”. The watch is tested in each position for two days. Mechanical watches are usually tested in five positions. With the Calibre 36 movement, Glashütte Original adds a sixth position – the “numeral 12 up” position.

  • Temperature dependence

    Performance of the watch in the event of temperature fluctuations

    The accuracy of mechanical watches can be affected by marked changes in temperature. As a consequence, starting on day 14 of the excellence test, a three-day temperature test is undertaken, during which the performance of the watches is tested at temperatures of 8°, 23° and 38° centigrade. 

  • Rate stability and overall running time

    Resumption of the rate

    This part of the test checks the rate stability. To this end the value is measured after the previous 16 days of testing and compared to the value at the outset. Then the overall running time is monitored for 5 days with the watch in the “dial up” position. For this test the tolerance value is a minimum of100 hours of running time. 

  • Water resistance

    Water resistance and condensation test 

    On the penultimate day of the test, the water resistance of the 5 bar watches is tested.To this end, both a positive and a negative pressure (over- and underpressure) are created under a vacuum bell. A number of watches are chosen at random and heated to 40-45° C, then splashed with a drop of water. Should there be any moisture in the watch, it will appear at this point in the form of condensation on the crystal. 

  • Performance test and visual inspection

    Final aesthetic review

    As a final step of the excellence test, the appearance and functionality of the watches are reviewed to ensure that the surfaces (case, polish and decorative finishes) are flawless and that the manual winding and crown functions are working properly. 


Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar

Learn more about this classic model: With the Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar Glashütte Original lends a contemporary look to one of the most challenging complications in the art of watchmaking: the Perpetual Calendar’s complex mechanism guarantees the correct presentation of the date, moon phase, weekday and month, taking even leap years into account.

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Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase

Discover the Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase models here. They stand for maximum precision, running time, reliable stability and uncompromising aesthetics – in other words, for excellent quality. With the Panorama Date and Moon Phase this elegant watch presents two of the manufactory’s signature complications.

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Senator Excellence Panorama Date

The Senator Excellence Panorama Date gives pride of place to Glashütte Original’s well-known “big date”. The manufactory Calibre 36, developed with a view to the demands of life today, serves as a base: a silicon balance spring ensures maximum accuracy, and a single spring barrel provides a power reserve of 100 hours. 

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Senator Excellence

The compact design of the Senator Excellence reflects the pure essence of Glashütte Original. The hour, minute and seconds hands glide along their paths above a newly designed dial: only the 6 and the 12 are presented with the characteristic Roman numerals, which leaves plenty of space for the distinctive indexes. 

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  • SeaQ Panorama Date certification

    The DIN/ISO-tested SeaQ and SeaQ Panorama Date meet the most rigorous German and international quality standards, with a particular focus on water resistance. Learn more about the special test procedure for our new diver’s watches here. 

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  • On artists and their canvases

    Glashütte Original is one of the few watch manufactories to make its own dials. The production of highly refined dials from Glashütte Original takes place in our in-house dial manufactory, located in Pforzheim.

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