Dial Manufactory

  • Glashütte Original Dial Manufactory

    On artists and their canvases


The dial gives a watch its unmistakable face. What appears at first glance to be so effortlessly perfect, however, is considered to be one of the greatest challenges in the art of watchmaking.

Glashütte Original is one of the few brands to have its own dial manufactory. In this way it ensures that this truly fundamental element of time measurement is able to meet our high standards.

The design team in Glashütte dedicates considerable attention to the design of dials. After all, the face of the watch must prove fascinating not only at first glance, but many times over and each time anew, and must be perfectly legible at the same time.


Close collaboration with the experts at our in-house dial manufactory in Pforzheim results in detailed design proposals; significant expertise is required to proceed with the manufacture of the dials.

  • Dialmaking breaks down into a great many separate tasks, most of which are performed by hand – from the production of the blank and its processing to the many different steps involved in decorative finishing.

  • Refined materials like shimmering mother of pearl, lacquers with a dégradé effect, or the mounting of delicate appliques are only a few of the procedures that are part of the dialmaker's repertoire. Whether a sparkling ladies watch, an elegant chronograph or a grand complication, experienced hands are forever doing everything they can to transform the filigreed "canvases" into true works of art.